2013 Annual Report


2013 was another amazing year! Survivors of disasters gained help and hope. We gave children food, and families a hand up. We couldn’t have done any of it without you!


  • Contributions up 29% over 2012
  • 7,990,744 people served
  • 43,187 volunteers mobilized
  • $79.4 million worth of goods and supplies distributed (wholesale value)
  • 145,857 children enrolled in our Children’s Feeding Initiative
  • 47 Community Outreach events (39 domestic, 8 international)
  • 15 disaster responses (8 domestic, 7 international)

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You’re walking, driving, working or somehow moving steadily along towards the next destination in your day and a small, quiet yet pervasive thought creeps into your mind: “help that person.” It happens to all of us. The person may be friend, family, co-worker or a stranger; and for some spontaneous reason, you have been presented with the notion to make one moment in their life a little bit easier.

Hal Donaldson, our president and co-founder, spoke to a group of Rotarians in Springfield, Mo., this week and he charged them as follows, “Seldom resist the impulse to do something kind.”

Next time you think you should be kind to someone, you’re probably right.


When I was 2 years old, my dad, Hal Donaldson, and his brothers founded Convoy of Hope. Since then, Convoy has grown significantly and yet its foundation and core values have remained unchanged. For as long as I can remember, my parents instilled in my sisters and me the importance of demonstrating kindness, practicing generosity and serving those in need. Learning this at an early age has shaped us into the young women we are today. It has given us an understanding that Convoy of Hope is not what we are, but rather who we are as a family—the very core and mission of our daily lives.

Whether volunteering in the warehouse, distributing groceries at a community outreach, or traveling internationally, taking part in the work of Convoy of Hope has shown me what it means to put compassion into action. Every person I’ve encountered, every warm embrace I’ve shared and every tear shed while serving has helped to transform my life.

Even though poverty and malnutrition continue to threaten our global community, we cannot allow these harsh realities to paralyze us and deter us from action. Rather, we must offer lasting hope to those in desperate need of love and care.

As Convoy of Hope celebrates its 20th year anniversary, I am reminded that the organization has grown beyond its humble beginnings. Today it is a part of a global movement that is helping millions of people each year.

On behalf of my family—and all those who work so diligently—I want to thank you for partnering with us and believing in the mission of Convoy of Hope. Together, we can change the world one life at a time.

From The Founders

5 Simple Ways to Be Kind Today

Some people are naturally kind. For the rest of us it requires some intentionality. Here are five simple ways to be kind today:

1. Thank someone from long ago.

There are some key people that made a difference in your life long ago that you are no longer connected to. Find them (it’s easy now) and simply thank them. In 2014 we are celebrating 20 years of helping people around the world. Without a doubt, it could not have happened without others doing something memorable for us along the way.

| Did you know our very first tractor-trailer was donated to us?

2. create a homeless Care kit.

About a year ago I got tired of not having a simple way to help homeless people I often saw on the side of the road. So I decided to put together a ziploc bag full of items that could be ready in my car. Each gallon ziploc bag contains:

  • 2 bottles of water
  • 2 granola bars
  • $5 Fast-food gift card
  • Travel toothbrush & paste
  • Hand warmers (in Winter)

It’s a simple, effective, no-excuse way to be kind to someone facing hard times.

3. Drive-thru difference.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but have you done it? A Springfield, Mo., radio station and partner to Convoy of Hope, 88.3 the Wind, encourages people to simply buy the meal for the car behind them in the drive-thru. Try it, you never know when it will be a difference maker for the person behind you.

4. Donate your stuff.

Chances are you have too much stuff. I do. See what you can give away. Inclined to sell that $20 old lamp? Donate it instead.

5. Change your routine.

I tend to not do what I don’t schedule time to do. Make helping in your community a regular scheduled activity. Plan for the extra time it might take you to swing by and pick up coffee for a co-worker.

| Live near our global headquarters? Volunteer at our weekly Hands of Hope night.

Kindness changes everything.


Do a google search for Mother Teresa quotes and you’ll find loads of great inspirational snippets, but you probably won’t find this one. This quote came from a conversation our co-founder and CEO had with Mother Teresa years ago. Below is a peak at Hal Donaldson’s conversation with Mother Teresa.

Within minutes of meeting Mother Teresa she had unknowingly helped set a new course for my life by asking me a simple question: “Hal, what are you doing to help the poor and suffering?”

“Nothing, really,” I answered honestly, wishing I could have had something better to report.

She looked at me kindly and said, “Everyone can do something.”

Shortly, after that meeting with Mother Teresa in India, Hal and his brothers began distributing food from the back of a pickup truck to families in need in California. In the years since, Convoy of Hope has reached around the world into the lives of more than 63 million people who are hungry, impoverished and hurting.

Here are some ways that you can “do something” today.



Hal Donaldson urges politicians to practice a year of kindness

In the video above, our co-founder and CEO delivers his speech to Missouri Lawmakers at the recent 2014 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast.

The following is an excerpt from a story at News-Leader.com by Jonathan Shorman. 

Convoy of Hope founder Hal Donaldson this morning urged a gathering of Missouri’s most powerful to practice a year of kindness.

Donaldson, president of the Springfield-based charity, gave the keynote address at the annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, a bipartisan event attended by hundreds of people and top names in Missouri leadership.

“If we will collectively dedicate ourselves to a lifestyle of kindness and compassion, 2014 can be a defining moment for our state and our nation, and in turn many of the problems that we face — those problems will begin to fade,” Donaldson said. “Friend, a year of kindness and compassion can absolutely change everything.”

Donaldson recounted how, as a child in 1969, his father had been killed by a drunk driver and mother seriously injured. The family who took him in for several months afterward changed his life forever. Donaldson said without their kindness, Convoy of Hope would never have happened.

Read the full story at News-Leader.com

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