Made To Work

Made to Work is a free Convoy of Hope event that provides job seekers face-to-face connection with hiring companies, community resources and peers. What truly sets us apart is an emphasis on personal connections. We invite you to embark on a journey with job seekers just like you, supported by people who care. LEARN MORE

Why Attend?
  • Hear first-hand what hiring employers want in employees
  • Gain relevant and actionable tips from professionals to benefit your job search
  • Discover the character traits employers hire most
  • Explore new career options
  • It’s FREE to attend!

Connecting and networking is critical to the job search. According to Right Management Inc., a member of ManpowerGroup, networking is the top source of new employment, leading at nearly 50%.

Made to Work events are scheduled on a regular basis. However, adjustments can be made due to holidays and scheduling conflicts. We recommend checking the calendar frequently.


upcoming Events

September 23, 2014

Location: Central Assembly
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Topic: Overcome Age Bias in Your Job Search

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More information coming soon.

Events held the 4th Tuesday every monthSee All Events

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Larry, a truck driver by trade, had been without a steady job for a couple years. After attending one of our Made To Work events he had a job driving trucks with Sunbelt Environmental Systems in Springfield, Mo., within four days.

Made to Work provides face-to-face connection with hiring companiesLearn More

Program Updates
Shane, a fan of camping and canoeing plans to apply for work at Bass Pro Shops. Shane, a fan of camping and canoeing plans to apply for work at Bass Pro Shops.

Inspiring job seekers

Update: As of 2/20/14 there have been four confirmed hires as a result of the first Made to Work event. 

It’s been a long two years for Shane, 26, maneuvering the job market in Springfield, Mo.

“I’ve been looking in all the wrong places,” he says. “Today, I learned most of the businesses hiring in Springfield are in restaurant or retail. I now have a new focus.”

Shane was among attendees at Convoy of Hope’s first Made to Work event – a free community event for job seekers who are looking for resources and to make valuable networking connections with hiring businesses.

“I’ve just had trouble getting my foot in the door anywhere,” adds Shane. “Now I have motivation to update my resume and narrow my job search.”

Inspired by advice received at Made to Work, Shane plans to visit his previous employer right after the event to obtain a reference letter to improve his chance of getting a full-time job.

The new Made to Work program takes place the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and features keynote speakers and experts on the local job market.

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Made to Work

Gifted with creativity, we write symphonies, cook, manage personnel, build websites and unclog drains. With our work comes meaning, dignity and resources. When work is lost, families and communities suffer and personal dignity often breaks down.

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Since Convoy of Hope was founded in 1994, we’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with caring individuals to transform communities. In 2014, we’re building upon that tradition with the launch of Made to Work —a program to help people find jobs and build better lives.

Made to Work brings together hiring companies, keynote speakers and community partners, with a focus on providing valuable personal connections at free events. We’re making the search for meaningful work more accessible.

Navigating the complex job market can be daunting alone. Yet, as we found with our community outreach events, a community of passionate individuals can accomplish much and make lasting impact. When we tackle joblessness together, individuals find quality employment, families prosper, neighborhoods change, schools improve, communities grow and the economy thrives.

Here’s what the typical Made to Work event looks like …

HOUR ONE | During the first hour of the event, a speaker will present topics tailored to the local job market and job seeker.

HOUR TWO | In the second hour, hiring companies will highlight their company’s culture, core values, and open positions.

HOUR THREE | The last hour of the event will include an opportunity to network face-to-face with hiring companies, the speaker, community partners and peers.

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Community Outreach / Program Updates