Hope starts here.

We serve guests of honor—in dozens of communities throughout the world—by providing them with free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, hot meals, job placement assistance and much more at our signature events.

Why Communities?

Communities are the heart of counties, states and nations. When families thrive; communities thrive.  Convoy of Hope is committed to working with local volunteers, businesses, agencies, churches and organizations who believe in building strong communities.

In the United States, there are many communities where working-poor families struggle to put food on their tables. It’s in such situations that a free bag of groceries, the chance to visit with an employer about a job opportunity, a free life-saving health screening, or even a family portrait can serve as life-changing experiences that transform families and strengthen communities.

Our Impact

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    Community events since 1994.
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    Volunteers at community events since 1994.
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    Guests of Honor served in 2013.
  • 25,520

    Churches and local organizations involved since 1994.
  • 580

    Tractor-trailers of food and product have been distributed at our community outreaches since 1994.

Our Approach

  • Community Partnerships

    Convoy of Hope’s community enrichment team works in advance with community leaders and stakeholders forming partnerships that build the foundation for our outreach events. Partnership with local governments, organizations, churches and business are crucial to the success of an outreach event.

  • Volunteers

    Volunteers are an important part of all community outreach events. Convoy of Hope engages with community members in building a volunteer base, establishing a customized plan for the community, and carrying out the event. At many community outreaches, thousands of volunteers participate to bring guests of honor a poverty-free day.

  • Guests of Honor

    Guest of Honor at community outreaches events come by the thousands to experience a poverty-free day filled with free food, services and hope. The heart and soul of every one of our outreach events is compassion. Many of our guests of honor are working families living in, or on the fringes, of poverty. The outreach event gives them a hand up during difficult times.

Experts in the field

Ron Showers

Senior Director of Community Enrichment

Ron Showers joined our team to travel the country and lead local community outreaches with a vision to inspire local churches and organizations to continue to serve their community long after the Convoy of Hope tractor-trailer rolled out. He now leads our Community Enrichment efforts and continues to inspire local leaders to take the reigns and reach out to families facing hard economic times.

Program Spotlight


Dream - Build - Elevate

Elevate is an initiative by Convoy of Hope that empowers the local church to lift at-risk communities out of poverty. Convoy of Hope helps you to identify at-risk communities and local church partners. As partnerships grow, Convoy of Hope will work with key leaders in training with a goal of hosting community celebrations, establishing mentor relationships and providing long-term collaboration.


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Shannon volunteered in the National Breast Cancer Foundation tent at our recent community event in Sioux City, IA. Shannon volunteered in the National Breast Cancer Foundation tent at our recent community event in Sioux City, IA.

Hello, my name is Shannon

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Shannon—a volunteer at our recent Sioux City, Iowa community event—has gotten us off to a head start. After volunteering in the National Breast Cancer Foundation tent all day, she left us this note.

“Hello, my name is Shannon, I’m 19 years old and I attend nursing school in Iowa. Today while volunteering I told people the importance of early screening for breast cancer. The reason I came today was [because] I was want to make a difference in peoples lives, and telling them about preventative measures for breast cancer could potentially save their life.

I know from experience the importance of catching breast cancer at an early stage. My Aunt and Grandma both are breast cancer survivors. Just telling someone to get their yearly mammograms is important.

I would like to volunteer to inform people about breast cancer and how life-threatening it can be. Also, I want to fundraise at my college to help the National Breast Cancer Foundation through Convoy of Hope. Reaching out to others about breast cancer awareness is my ultimate goal … and to spread the word about Convoy of Hope.”

Wow! Shannon gets it, doesn’t she? We’re grateful for incredible volunteers like Shannon, who come ready to serve, then leave changed and ready to serve more!

Have you been to one of our community events? What was your experience?

Community Outreach / Program Updates
Gail Starnes, a local volunteer coordinator for the Convoy of Hope community event in Wichita was recently interviewed on the Brett and Sierra show on KWCH12. Gail Starnes, a local volunteer coordinator for the Convoy of Hope community event in Wichita was recently interviewed on the Brett and Sierra show on KWCH12.

Expecting great things in Wichita

We’re expecting an incredible day for thousands of guests of honor and volunteers on Saturday, August 2, at our community event in Wichita, Kan. Watch this local news story to see what volunteers and guests of honor experience at a Convoy of Hope community event.

Learn about attending, volunteering and more Wichita Community Event

Community Outreach / In The News / Program Updates
4,700 guests of honor were served in Long Island, N.Y. 4,700 guests of honor were served in Long Island, N.Y.

How 1,479 Long Islanders spent their weekend

The Long Island Convoy of Hope community outreach events took place in Elmont, Hempstead and Bellport, N.Y., this year where more than 4,700 guests of honor were served on the same day.

“Returning to these communities in Long Island is important to us,” says Jason Bachman, outreach director for Convoy of Hope. “We’ve been active in response and recovery since Superstorm Sandy made landfall in 2012 and these community events send the message that Long Islanders haven’t been forgotten.”

Bachman says the day of hope and community togetherness was only possible because of the help of more than 1,400 volunteers who spent their weekend to help their neighbors.

“We had a group of volunteers all the way from Missouri as well as cooperation from local pastors, community leaders and dedicated volunteers,” he adds. “This type of teamwork is what community transformation is made of.”

Long Island Stats at a glance:

Guests of Honor: 4,762
Participating churches and organizations: 238
Volunteers: 1,479
Portraits taken: 1,005
Gardens in a Bag: 2,100
Shoes distributed: 950

Community Outreach
The marriage of Jeff and Niki is the first to ever take place on the day of a Convoy of Hope community event. The marriage of Jeff and Niki is the first to ever take place on the day of a Convoy of Hope community event.

A first for Convoy of Hope

Our Signature Event in Kansas City, Mo., started out just like any other, except for one big thing – a wedding. Early in the morning under the pavilion at Swope Park, Jeff and Niki exchanged vows in front of hundreds of people. Some familiar faces were in attendance, but a lot of their guests were new friends and fellow volunteers.

The couple volunteered in the past and wanted their first act as husband and wife to be serving together to help others and that’s exactly what they did. Despite the rain, the newlyweds and more than 1,200 other volunteers helped make the day an unforgettable one for many.Kansas-City_JUN2014_3L2A4439

The weather did not keep the volunteers from giving their all to serve guests of honor and they never seemed to get discouraged. During one of the heavy downpours, hundreds of volunteers came together to pack groceries that would be later be handed out to guests. Because of their hard work and dedication, the gates opened on time and all services including free food, groceries, haircuts, medical exams and much more were offered to guests of honor. Volunteers laughed and smiled as they provided guests with hope and words of encouragement. Kansas-City_JUN2014_3L2A4512

Terrie, a single mother attending the event, referred to it as “a community of love.” Terrie and her son have been through some difficult times, but felt comfort in knowing they could leave their troubles behind and look forward to the future. “No matter how alone you feel, Convoy of Hope brings people together that care and it gives you hope,” Terrie says. Kansas-City_JUN2014_3L2A4664

Convoy of Hope held Signature Events in Kansas City and Higashimatsushima, Japan, Saturday changing the lives of thousands. For more information on events coming to your area, please visit convoyofhope.org/events.

Kansas-City_JUN2014_3L2A4536 Kansas-City_JUN2014_3L2A4722
Community Outreach / Program Updates