Hope partners for good.

We empower like-minded organizations that do good work among the poor and suffering in their communities. This is accomplished by providing such friends with food, water, supplies and much more.

Why Resource Others?

Convoy of Hope’s partners are crucial to our work responding to disasters, holding community outreaches and implementing life changing feeding initiatives throughout the world. Each year corporations donate tens of millions of dollars’ worth of food and supplies to Convoy of Hope, which we in turn distribute throughout channels and also through partner organizations bent on making a difference in their communities.

Our Impact

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    $413,526,589 $413.53 m

    Worth of food, water and relief supplies procured since 1994.
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    305,772,387 305.77 m

    Pounds of food, water and relief supplies distributed since 1994.
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    $63,996,404 $64 m

    Worth of food, water and relief supplies distributed in 2013.
  • 14

    International warehouses and offices throughout the world.
  • 8,728

    Tractor-trailer loads delivered since 1994.

Our Approach

  • Gift-in-kind Partners

    Partnerships with companies, organizations and other private donors that donate/provide excess product, services or inventory to assist Convoy of Hope in carrying out our goals of providing help and hope to people worldwide through our Children’s Feeding Initiative, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.

  • Corporate Partners

    With the support of our corporate partners, every dollar donated to Convoy of Hope is leveraged into more food, water and supplies for those who need it most.

  • Church Partners

    By connecting with churches nationwide and providing them an opportunity to partner with Convoy of Hope, tens of thousands of children are being fed regularly, people are being helped in times of disasters, and struggling families are helped at the organization’s community outreach events. Churches are vital to Convoy of Hope’s financial and volunteer base.

Experts in the field

Erick Meier

Vice President -- Supply Chain

Erick Meier leads a team that secures and moves product through our World-Distribution Center in Springfield, Mo., to distribution points around the world. Whether it be for our disaster response work or for our community outreach events or for our children’s feeding sites in 11 countries, our supply chain is critical to our work to bring help and hope to those who are suffering or in need.

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Mike Tompkins to debut original music video for Convoy of Hope

Mike Tompkins recently partnered with Convoy of Hope to create an original music video, using sounds originating from Convoy of Hope’s Children’s Feeding and Women’s Empowerment Initiatives. Daylight was the result.

“Shooting this music video was one of the most epic moments of my life.”
Mike Tompkins

On April 21, Daylight will launch on Tompkins’ YouTube channel. This video will serve as the season finale of his three-month series of original songs.

Support this project

  • Donate $10 to help change the lives of children in Tanzania through feedONE.
  • Buy a custom 8,000 Miles ‘Til Daylight t-shirt for $20. Proceeds benefit Convoy of Hope’s work in Tanzania.
  • Share with friends on social media. Mention @mike_tompkins, @convoyofhope and use #8kmiles.

Plus, we’ll be giving away five custom beatbox video messages from Mike Tompkins and Beats® Solo™2 headphones!

Launching April 21Check it out!



Tornado strikes northern Illinois; Disaster Services team en route

10:39:42 PM

Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team will be in Rochelle in the early morning hours ready to start processing local volunteers. They will be taking debris removal supplies and gear to help coordinate volunteer efforts in the areas affected by the storm.

12:17:44 PM

Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services has a team en route to northern Illinois where a strong tornado destroyed dozens of homes. The team will connect with local contacts to see if Convoy of Hope can be of any help to survivors of the storm. The tornado, with 150 mph winds, hit the tiny town of Fairdale, Ill., wiping some homes off their foundations. Media reports say that 11 people have been hospitalized.

As tornado season nears its peak in the U.S., the Disaster Services team continues to closely monitor storm development and implement response plans when warranted. Updates on the situation in Illinois will be posted here as information from the team becomes available.


Program Updates

The Framework of Compassion: Partnership

“Together everyone achieves more” is a phrase that resounds in elementary schools everywhere. There is a lot of truth to this saying.

At Convoy of Hope, we learned a long time ago that if we want to see change in the world we need great friends with similar values.

For us, partnership happens on two levels. We partner with incredible organizations, so in turn we can partner with the communities we serve.

Without our partners and people like you, we would be limited in our ability to spread hope, but together we can help so many. That’s why partnership is an integral part of our compassion framework.

To celebrate the seventh week of our framework of compassion series, we encourage you to reflect on the partnerships in your life and think about how you can work with others to build a better world.

Check out some of our amazing partners — both big and small:

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Feed My Starving Children

Plum Organics

TOMS Shoes

Take Heart Apparel

Give Perf

Program Updates

The Framework of Compassion: Support

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed—Napoleon Hill

At Convoy of Hope we take Mr. Hill’s words to heart when thinking of our compassion framework, understanding that our success will be measured by how many lives we improve and people we empower.

Just like Sofia, a young girl from El Salvador, who spends much of the her time while her mother is at work with a local couple that operates the area’s Children’s Feeding Initiative.

By compounding a local organizations relationships and know-how with our resources we can come together to do so much more for those that need it most.

As part of our framework of compassion series, we encourage you to think about support and what you can do to help a local organization that is working to empower others.