Spend Your Next 24 Hours With Kindness

Our President, Hal Donaldson’s, new book Your Next 24 Hours — One Day of Kindness Can Change Everything was released today in-stores and online.

Through powerful stories of kindness lived out, this book shows the enormous difference we can make through small acts of kindness that can transform entire communities. Every encounter with another person is an opportunity to be kind.

We are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week this week by encouraging our staff and friends to join us in a kindness revolution. Each day, we challenge our followers to complete an act of kindness and encourage their friends to do the same. If you would like to join our kindness revolution, check out the challenges below:

Monday — Let someone go first.

Tuesday — Pay it forward.

Wednesday — Compliment a stranger.

Thursday — Homeless Care Kits.

Friday — Purchase Your Next 24 Hours for a friend.

We hope this week is just the start of a kindness movement that lasts for months — and even years — to come.

Go with kindness.

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