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  • A delivery of food and relief supplies from Convoy of Hope is delivered to serve the people of Venezuela.
  • October 22, 2020 | 11:30 a.m.

    Springfield, Mo. Since 2018, Convoy of Hope has worked to provide food and hygiene relief to beneficiaries within the borders of Venezuela. Roughly the size and population of Texas, need is rampant throughout the country. Convoy of Hope’s desire to serve the vulnerable in Venezuela is a delicate balance of protecting those who work alongside us and doing the right thing.

    Since 2013, Venezuela has experienced a political, social, and economic crisis that has affected everyone living in the country. Unprecedented inflation rates and currency devaluation have taken a toll on the entire society and forced millions of Venezuelans to seek refuge outside their home country.

    Those who have fled Venezuela are experiencing immense difficulty adjusting to their new normal. Low income, depletion of assets, and the inability to enter the labor market combine to make life in Venezuela very difficult. The situation in Venezuela has worsened recently due to the widespread scarcity of gasoline, which directly disrupts domestic food production. These stressors create an enormous barrier to meeting basic needs.

    One community leader from Venezuela traveled for 20 hours to reach one of our distribution sites in neighboring Colombia. After receiving his food parcel, he thanked our partners and prepared himself for the journey home where he intended to share the food he had received.

    As a result, some Venezuelans are choosing to leave the country to find a better life. This migratory journey means walking for days (if not weeks), exposure to extremely harsh climates, human trafficking, and the possibility of not finding work in a host country.

    Convoy of Hope is providing meals in an effort to reduce food insecurity and improve health and resilience among Venezuelan families. Thank you for joining us in support of the Venezuelan people.

    If you would like to support our work with humanitarian crises like the one in Venezuela, click here.

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