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I stood in awe listening to Pastor *Rodrigo, a man who’s planting his second church on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He explained how people of his community were forced to relocate after the government moved them from their simple and temporary living places. The new homes are small and built with scrap metal and wood, and other discarded materials. As I talked with him on the dusty back roads, he confirmed that most families struggle to find nutritious food, clean water and basic healthcare.

By most definitions the people of his community are poor, but Pastor Rodrigo understands that God created them to flourish. He now teaches personal finance, works with them to explore small enterprises, encourages them to serve others and leads in each of these areas by example. One way he serves is through sharing food with children and their families throughout the neighborhood. He knows the nutritious food will help the children learn…and help them thrive.

I love serving with people like Pastor Rodrigo, he:

  • Takes ownership in his responsibilities
  • Sees a potential in the people he serves
  • Understands that nutritious food helps prepare people for the future
  • Doesn’t wait for the help of others, he leads the way

I’m proud to be a part of the Convoy of Hope family as we deliver food that helps Pastor Rodrigo fulfill his vision. The neighborhood families currently receive food each week to prepare in their homes, but in June, a Convoy of Hope Compassion Team will join members of the congregation to enhance his church building, preparing it to serve a cooked meal on a daily basis. As vision grows, opportunity expands.

I don’t see hurt or despair or apathy in Pastor Rodrigo’s eyes…I see anticipation and I see hope.

*name changed

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