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Everyone at Convoy of Hope (and beyond) knows Jason Streubel, Ph.D. by one name — Dr. Dirt.

With a doctorate in soil science and an affection for all things dirt-related, it fits. Watching Streubel talk about agriculture is like watching a kid in a candy store. His eyes get wide and he smiles from ear-to-ear as he passionately speaks about the work he is doing through Convoy of Hope’s Agriculture Initiative.

In fact, he loves it so much, that he will soon be competing in four marathons in four states in four days to raise awareness. Starting on Tuesday, June 2, Streubel will start his first marathon in Michigan followed by races in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. This is following a weekend spent in Idaho at the 161 Conference where the topic was food security.

“To feed the future, we need to have a 60% increase in productivity within the next 35 growing seasons,” says Streubel. “Whether you’re in the U.S. or Masusa, Kenya, you have to be able to produce food. It becomes everyone’s issue.”

Through Convoy’s Agriculture Initiative, we equip impoverished farmers and families with the skills, tools and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops. Each year, tens of thousands of meals are harvested for our children’s feeding work and income is generated for farmers and their families so children are fed and cared for.

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