Bill Whitworth Reported By: Bill Whitworth Procurement Director Staff Poster

Through my work as Procurement Director, I’m always meeting and talking with people who have a genuine passion to support our efforts to help the impoverished around the world. But recently I met a group of supporters who really stood out to me – a sixth grade class of compassionate kids from Summit Intermediate School in Nixa, Mo. The 23 kids in Ms. Wallace’s class call themselves the Wallace Warriors as part of a project where they are learning the importance of service in a community. The Wallace Warrior project focused on building compassion for others, teamwork within a community and encouraging each other through kindness.

I was invited to the class to speak about Convoy of Hope and what we do – unbeknownst to me I was there for another reason as well. When I finished the session the students surprised me with a cash donation of $113.13 to support our efforts. They were so excited to present it and to know more about how that money would help others.

I also attended the end-of-year celebration where the students shared that they raised over $1,241.00 to support 11 different charities. I was honored that Convoy of Hope was one of those. From the stories the students shared, the Wallace Warriors project was a life impacting event…one that they will long remember.

“My 23 Wallace Warriors have proved that when a small group of people work together towards a common goal, the impact can be great. They have encouraged each other and built one another up all year through this project, and I am so proud of the determination and compassion they’ve shown to the community. I am continually inspired by their selfless, giving hearts and strong desire to make the world a better place for everyone. They are leading by example and showing others that it doesn’t take a lot of time, energy, or money to make a difference. Incredible kids like the Wallace Warriors give us all hope for a bright tomorrow.” — Chelsea Wallace

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