Matt Wilkie Reported By: Matt Wilkie Field Teams Director Staff Poster

“More than what you do and see, it’s about what you set in motion.”

Working with our first Convoy of Hope Compassion Team in Haiti, I shared that phrase more than a few times. In late April, this team served well, seeing only a glimpse of their impact. Working with long-term goals in mind is like that.

Haiti is a country on a promising trajectory, yet it remains a country with vast and diverse need. Deforestation started during colonial times and continues today resulting in erosion, depleted soil, horrific mudslides and more. Outdated farming practices, reduced prices on imported rice and charcoal-fueled cooking also hinder economic and agricultural growth which leads to poverty. Still, these represent only a portion of Haiti’s challenges as a developing country.

Our team from Bellevue Christian Center in Bellevue, Neb., served in the hills just outside Port-Au-Prince where we focused on the practical agricultural needs of the community. We tilled gardens, preparing for the planting season. We planted young trees, praying the roots grow deep and the trees strong. We shared stories from our lives and encouraged people who are experiencing their own kind of growing season. The team itself served as our first Compassion Team, helping us work through systems and logistical issues as we break new ground.

Fruit often isn’t seen until long after this kind of work is done.

A few months later, the garden we tilled is full of corn ready for harvest, the planted trees are stronger and will soon bear fruit, successive Compassion Teams continue to make impact in deep ways around the world.  The first team is home, but their work continues stretch out like a healthy vine.

More than what we do and see, it’s about what we set in motion.

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