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At an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, five boys kick around a beat up, dirty basketball as if it were a soccer ball. They skillfully move the ball from player to player. Some play barefoot, others in sandals. A boy in a tattered T-shirt beckons for attention as he lifts the ball and launches it in a perfect arc to the oldest boy in the group: Jacques.

Jacques, 16, has lived at the orphanage since he was five. Really, it’s the only life he’s known. His life hasn’t been one typical of most children around the world — his soccer buddies are his only family — but he has reason to be happy.

“Because of Convoy of Hope, I have two meals a day,” Jacques explains. “Sometimes I even have three!”

What many around the world take for granted delights Jacques: He can count on regular meals. And because he’s fed and well-cared-for, Jacques is excelling in school. He has plans for his future — and the determination to make them happen.

“I want to be an engineer,” he says, explaining that such a role will, one day, enable him to care for his own family. “I want to build something I can pass on.”

Because they have access to food, clean water and education, Jacques and tens of thousands of other kids in Haiti — and around the world — are thinking about the legacy they can leave. That’s amazing, and in no way possible without our generous friends who provide financial support.

Thank you for partnering with Convoy of Hope to provide children, families and entire communities with the ability to dream, achieve and create better lives.

I want to build something I can pass on. Jacques, 16

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