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Wade enjoyed visiting with kids in Haiti on a Hope Experience trip. Wade enjoyed visiting with kids in Haiti on a Hope Experience trip.

The story of Wade Wheeler, as told to Rick Waggoner, vice president of Development for Convoy of Hope.

Several years ago, I was invited to go to Haiti with Convoy of Hope. To be honest, I was cynical and expected to see people in poverty because of their own bad choices. I was wrong! As I met children and families Convoy serves, my viewpoint began to change and my heart softened. I realized the people there didn’t have the opportunity to change their circumstances.

As I visited a Convoy feeding site, I saw many children who had so little and I thought about my three children and my wife. I couldn’t help but give thanks for all we have.

Giving to Convoy has been a key part of teaching our kids powerful lessons about compassion, contentment, generosity and love. Recently, my oldest daughter Claire asked her friends for $10 donations to feedONE instead of birthday presents at her party. She was hoping to raise $120 — enough to feed one child for a year — and raised $600. More importantly, Claire embraced generosity and compassion.

My family is part of the Convoy of Hope family. Our giving is an expression of obedience to God and part of our pursuit to give generously and with a glad heart. It makes me happy to support Convoy.

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