Matt Wilkie Reported By: Matt Wilkie Field Teams Director Staff Poster

The story of Jim Wiegand as told to Matt Wilkie, Field Teams director for Convoy of Hope

To celebrate turning 50, I wanted to run 150 miles — the distance between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. For motivation, my goal was to raise enough money to feed a meal to one Haitian child through Convoy of Hope for every 10 steps of my journey — which would total $16,500.

I shared the “Run 4 Haiti” idea with my church, The Freedom Center in Fenton, Michigan. Local media began telling the story and people of the church and community passionately raised money and awareness.

  • Two joined me in the 150-mile run/walk (and one skateboarded the distance).
  • One man rowed the equivalent of the distance from Miami to Haiti on a rowing machine.
  • A recent cancer survivor walked 2.5 miles a day for one month.
  • A young man lived like many Haitians do for an entire month, sleeping on a floor and eating only beans and rice.
  • A salon owner gave all her tips to support Haiti.
  • A woman sold no-bake cookies to reference the Haitian mud cookies that the country’s most impoverished often eat.
  • The church gathered a Field Teams group of 29 to serve the country.

Many others also came together to raise more than $32,000 to help kids in Haiti through Convoy of Hope. We’re thrilled to be a part of this growing wave of compassion!

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