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When an EF5 tornado left a mile-wide swath through Moore, Okla., a Convoy of Hope rapid response team that was in the area assessing prior tornado damage was able to reroute and begin mounting our response almost immediately. Convoy of Hope has become known as an organization that responds swiftly when disaster strikes and we’re able to do so because of our generous family of donors. HopeMob and Convoy of Hope have this in common. HopeMob has quickly earned it’s own reputation as a generous community that unites in flashmob fashion to meet the needs of people facing hard times.

HopeMob was founded by Shaun King out of his own experiences of having been beaten nearly to death and then living to raise more than $5 million for charities and disaster victims in only a few short years. It was during our response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake that I first came into contact with Shaun who was sending Convoy of Hope direct messages on Twitter with the geolocation of children’s homes in need of immediate aid. In fact, Shaun had a small army of Twitter users who were sending information our way. HopeMob is not just a catchy name for one more digital-social-good project that Shaun thought up. HopeMob is a real community of people born out of deep passion to love their neighbor and care for those in need.

When HopeMob almost immediately reached out to Convoy of Hope to aid with our response in Moore, Okla., it didn’t come as a great surprise. HopeMob quickly put together a crowdfunding page at with a goal of raising $15,000 to support our efforts. What followed was an outpouring from generous strangers who more than tripled the goal and raised $46,544 in just seven days.



Los Angeles, Calif.


HopeMob is exactly what it sounds like - a mob of people bringing hope. Just as Flash Mobs dance and bring spontaneous joy and laughter, HopeMob will bring caring strangers together to create sudden, yet organized relief and hope all over the world! We see a need and swarm it! Together...we are POWERFUL!

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