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Becky Cohen of Plum Organics and Paul Holzer of Convoy of Hope. Becky Cohen of Plum Organics and Paul Holzer of Convoy of Hope.

Incredible partners make the wheels turn at Convoy of Hope. They make it possible for us to fight hunger in the U.S. and around the world. For years, I’ve had the privilege of working with Plum Organics—an organic baby, tots and kids’ food company based in Emeryville, Calif.

Through The Full Effect—Plum’s program dedicated to nourishing little ones in need—the company has graciously donated more than 5 million of their organic meals and snacks to Convoy of Hope. Together, we’ve provided nutritious food to little ones in 22 states and six countries.

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“Convoy of Hope is our largest partner,” says Becky Cohen, Mission Coordinator for Plum Organics. “We love working with Convoy of Hope because it helps us gain access to different communities, especially in rural America where there is a great need to provide less fortunate little ones with healthy meals.”

The Full Effect is based on Plum’s belief that when little ones are full of the right nutrients, they can live into their full potential and have their full effect on the world. The program is unique in that it focuses on delivering nutritious food to impoverished babies and toddlers during this critical time of growth and development. There are 16 million little ones in America who don’t have regular access to food and who are not just hungry for calories, but they’re starving for nutrition.

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Plum partnered with Dr. Alan Greene, their pediatric advisor, and hunger-fighting partners like Convoy of Hope to formulate and distribute their Super Smoothie—an organic blend of fruits, veggies, and grain, which fortifies the diets of children who don’t get regular healthy meals.

Becky recently visited our headquarters in Springfield, Mo., and we were able to show her our Rural Compassion Initiative at work in the small mid-Missouri town of California. She saw firsthand how Super Smoothies were being used and distributed through the Parents as Teachers program at an elementary school and through a local church.

“It’s an incredible feeling to see our product in action,” she said after helping distribute Super Smoothies to a local daycare. “To see little ones enjoying the food and knowing that we’re having a direct impact in a community is so rewarding.”

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Emeryville, Calif.


As a Public Benefit Corporation, Plum’s mission to nourish little ones and to fight childhood hunger is codified into our corporate charter. The Full Effect™ extends that mission to ALL children in America. We believe every little one deserves the nutrients, vitamins and calories she needs to thrive. Working with non-profit partners in communities across the US, The Full Effect™ fights malnutrition by donating nourishing organic food and promoting nutrition education.

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