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The framework of compassion: advocacy

Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope. ~ Robert F. Kennedy

RFK’s quote from decades ago is timeless. He knew the importance of advocating for others. It’s an integral part of our mission to advocate and stand up for the hurting — particularly hungry children and the less fortunate.

Today, in our framework of compassion series, we’re highlighting the importance of advocacy in our every day lives.

In our work around the world, we’ve met tens of thousands of advocates for the poor and suffering — people helping people. Be an advocate for someone or something today. It’ll give them a “ripple of hope” they probably really need.

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feedONE – Fire

Before the skies crack
Before the earth melts and sinks into nothing
Before the moon turns to blood and
the renewal of all things
Comes like a legion of angels all wings
Before that
Can we just be?
Before the seas dry up, and winds blow their wind song
To the rhythm of no more tears heavy as raincoats
and disease stricken nations hungry for someone to care
Before greens green as all plush green go dead like the memories of distracted fathers
Can we just be?
Can we be that tangible hope, that thunderous voice
When floods rise like temperatures
And tsunamis no respecters of person reek havoc on cities the world over
Can we lift the burden
From mothers who are sisters and daughters
Bench pressing the world with calloused hands and war torn feet
I can.
And he can and she can.
And Two Can Sam
And you too (U2) can
And so can that band.
But don’t wait for Bono.
Don’t wait for gut wrenching Ted Talks from wealthy philanthropists and ex presidents with saxophones in tow and Mia Farrow
Can we tread that narrow

path of compassion in action
Raising our voices to the high heavens and gaining traction

Can we reach two fists in the grit
be the very heartbeat of our suffering neighbors
no longer able sit
Idly by as the clock ticks
on disaster and famine
Can we offer up ourselves
Lay aside what matters little for what
Matters much.
Reach for what’s untapped and untouched
Maybe shine a light on hunger, poverty
Take ownership of these minutes to
Shape the future like pottery

Raise up and be heard
Conviction in our eyes, these lights in the sky

Oh , you’re gonna hear us.

— @itsjuanlove

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Stephanie is a feedONE ambassador

Like many people her age, Stephanie felt compelled to take a stand against hunger and poverty, but simply didn’t know where to start. Through her involvement with Convoy of Hope, she learned about feedONE. After reading about the lives being affected through Convoy of Hope’s feeding initiatives, Stephanie realized that becoming an ambassador was the best way to make a difference.

A college student, Stephanie knew it wasn’t possible for her to give a lot. She did, however, understand that with feedONE she could make an impact with just $10 a month. She also knew that although it wasn’t possible for her to physically feed every child herself, she could raise awareness in other ways.

As we know, it takes more than one person to eradicate global poverty. Partnering with feedONE is a step toward lasting change. All over the world, individuals, colleges, churches, and organizations are mobilizing to ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to their most basic needs; food, clean drinking water, and education.

Want to know more about feedONE? You’re invited to our World Distribution Center for One Night to feedONE on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.

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