City: Brighton

A paper truck created by Brighton Girls' Ministry to benefit Convoy of Hope. A paper truck created by Brighton Girls' Ministry to benefit Convoy of Hope.

Understanding Hope

Many consider the Convoy of Hope truck symbolic. I’ve heard stories of people standing amidst the rubble in disaster areas whose eyes lit up at the sight of our trucks rolling into town. They are hard to miss and our goal is pasted right on the side of the big red, white and blue displays — hope.

We recently received a donation from Brighton Assembly’s Girls’ Ministry and what we received with it was one-of-a-kind. It was a miniature version of our trucks, made completely out of paper.


“For every $5, they could add a piece to the truck,” says Regina Bonkoski, girls ministry director for Brighton Assembly. “Giving the girls something visual like the truck helps them truly understand what they are doing.”

Young girls ranging in age from three to 13 raised money for Convoy of Hope as one of three projects they will do this year. Each fundraiser includes something like the paper truck to help deepen the girls’ understanding of helping others.

“I loved seeing the truck they created to help the girls visualize their giving,” says Doree Donaldson, women’s development initiatives director for Convoy of Hope. “We can’t thank Brighton Assembly and the girls enough for their continued partnership.”

The girls ministry exceeded their goal and raised a total of $160 for Convoy of Hope.

“We want to teach them now to give to others,” says Bonkoski. “It’s important to start learning that young.”

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