City: Manila

Clean Water and Hope in the Philippines

Mark’s mother did her best to take good care of him as a baby, but life at the base of a city landfill in the Philippines created many obstacles — such as unclean water — and a need for hope.

When U.S.-based worker Nate Shuck met Mark and his family, he could see the boy had just a few days left to live. Realizing they had no access to clean water or nutritious food, he worked to connect community leaders and a local church to help the family. They walked alongside her and the family, helping them gain access to purified water, baby formula and food with the nutrition they needed. Soon, Mark gained strength and became healthy.

When 2013’s Typhoon Haiyan devastated much of their island, Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team immediately began serving those affected. In partnership with local churches and Shuck, the team provided food, clean water and shelter in communities around the island.

Convoy of Hope leaders quickly saw opportunity to launch a strategic Children’s Feeding Initiative on the island, serving with local partners that helped during the disaster response.

Mark now attends first grade at a school where we launched a daily feeding program. Knowing other small children continue to struggle with severe malnourishment, Convoy serves healthy meals in a newly built community center at least 3-4 times a week to Mark and many others. Our Field Teams also worked to provide a clean water system at the center and created a fascinating and sustainable aquaponics program at the church.

Mark is now full of life, thanks to people like Nate Shuck and our partners who support our work throughout the world.

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