City: San Pedro

Honduras: Sharing the Experience

Seeing hungry kids enrolled in our Children’s Feeding Initiative line up for a meal is something I wish all our friends and supporters could experience first-hand. We’ve been in Honduras this week to document some of our feeding efforts here and have met some amazing, well-rounded and healthy kids who are depending on us every day for nourishment. One of the first schools we visited was in an extremely poor section of San Pedro Sula. Andrea Frey Metzger, our Latin America & the Caribbean Regional Manager, has often talked about this school as one of her favorites to visit.

When we pulled through the gate of the bare-bones school where we are feeding 175 kids every day, I immediately knew why this was one of her favorite schools. The kids were bursting with excitement and happiness as they lined up for lunch. The energy in the air was palpable and unforgettable. We captured some iPhone footage of lunch at Hilda Ulloa School and wanted to bring the experience to all of you who make our initiatives possible. The footage is raw and unedited but hopefully it provides you with some perspective on what a difference a simple meal can make to a child a world away.

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