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Helping churches, communities and individuals transform by establishing healthy relationships with God, themselves and others.

What is Convoy of Hope Connections?

What is Convoy of Hope Connections™?

Connections is a holistic discipleship program that seeks to move the church to live out the Gospel in a way that improve the quality of life of individuals and families spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically. The program will promote awareness and connection to community resources and encourage participants in their walk with Christ by going through 12 weeks of facilitated learning.

This program is to help build relationships, apply Biblical truths and help lead participants to personal development and abundant life. Participants will meet in-person weekly for 1 hour sessions where they will have a balanced and interactive lesson partnered with an Ally to walk alongside them as they take the journey through Convoy of Hope Connections offering encouragement, relationship and accountability.

Moving From Relief to Empowerment

Throughout Connections, we want to help you understand how to effectively engage with the Participants. In order to do that, we need to talk about the difference between relief, mentoring and empowerment activities.

The Mission

The Mission

  • Equip the church with a tool to raise awareness and motivation to address critical needs for community development.
  • Help the church establish and grow their knowledge of community resources.
  • Build a network of support for participants.
  • Encourage church and community members to build relationships and learn from one another.
  • Assist participants with identifying assets, resources and solutions to meet their individual needs.
  • Encourage participants to grow in their relationship with Christ.

On this journey each will:

  • Improve the spiritual, emotional, social and physical quality of your life
  • Focus on personal development
  • Identify and overcome difficult roadblocks
  • Build strong relationships with others
  • Identify a trustworthy mentor
  • Connect with community resources
  • Track their progress with a Journey Plan
The Approach

The Approach

  • A 12 week in-person program designed to cover hope filled topics (1 hour each)
  • Balanced and interactive lessons partnered with an ally
  • A Map of Hope to align local services available to support each participant
  • A Journey Plan developed to take the next steps in doing life together
  • A celebration to begin the journey
Week 1: Living a Hope-Filled Life

This lesson will serve as the introduction to Convoy of Hope Connections and outline what it means to live the hope-filled life to which Christ has called us. The purpose of this lesson is to help us begin to understand we are on a journey with Christ.

Week 2: Beginning the Journey

The purpose of this lesson is to help participants begin understanding they are on a personal journey with Christ.

Week 3: How Am I Wired?

The purpose of this lesson is to dream with God about our future, understand God created us with unique gifts and talents and begin understanding the Biblical importance of sharing our gifts with others.

Week 4: Emotional Health … It’s a Choice

The purpose of this lesson is to learn that we are able to experience the same emotions Jesus felt because we are made in His image.

Week 5: We Are All Connected

The purpose of this lesson is to learn how our relationships with God, ourselves and others are all connected.

Week 6: Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

The purpose of this lesson is to learn the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who will help us grow.

Week 7: God’s Design for Work

The purpose of this lesson is to learn about God’s purpose and design for work. We will be encouraged as we look into our network of support, leverage our resources and tap into our gifts to achieve our career goals.

Week 8: Building a Healthy Lifestyle

The purpose of this lesson is to explore ways to honor God with our bodies through developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Week 9: Financial Health

The purpose of this lesson is to help us identify the ways in which our emotions affect our financial decisions.

Week 10: A Fruitful Life

The purpose of this lesson is for us to learn about the fruit of the Spirit and how to pursue living the abundant life Christ has promised to people who love Him.

Week 11: Sharing the Journey

Allies and participants will present their Journey Plan, decisions they’ve made, self-awareness they’ve gained and their next steps after the program.

Week 12: Celebration

The Convoy of Hope Connections study will culminate in a time of fellowship to celebrate the journey participants and Hope Allies took together.

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