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A Vision of Hope for the Future

The vision of the Hope Education Network™ is to train and educate students to think, communicate, and solve human needs through faith-based Compassion Ministry. With a heart of God’s compassion, Convoy of Hope partners with like-minded organizations to help the impoverished, hungry, and hurting. The Hope Education Network empowers a new generation with the knowledge they need to deliver hope.

The Hope Education Network is a network of universities, seminaries, churches, and Christian organizations that train others through education, workshops, and the pooling of resources.

Hope Education Network will train and educate students or partners to think, communicate, and solve human needs through faith-based compassion ministry.

We will operate on three levels: Universities & Seminaries, Certificates, and Badges.

A Message from Our Director

At Convoy of Hope, we are passionate about raising up a generation of leaders who will deliver compassion in everything they do — believing God has called each of us to serve the hurting and treat each other with respect, dignity, and kindness.

Dr. Wayde Goodall
Executive Director
Hope Education Network


Program Objectives

Program Objectives

  • Provide the vision, training, tools, and mentoring necessary for individuals to address suffering with a heart of compassion.
  • Develop a network of partners, churches, and universities that share a common culture of compassion, and provide a platform to learn from each other.
  • Provide a collaborative environment where experts from Convoy of Hope, universities, and partner organizations work together to provide internships, real-life experiences, and transferable skills with academic theory.
  • Utilize courses developed by Convoy of Hope practitioners, who bring both domestic and international real-world experience into the curriculum.
  • Enhance and augment an instructor’s knowledge by receiving coaching and mentoring from Convoy of Hope practitioners in the field.
  • Offer the academic programs at minimal cost and reduced development time.
  • Thoroughly prepare students and graduates for positions in a broad range of compassion-based organizations.
Our Approach

Our Approach

The Hope Education Network™ provides:

  • A well-rounded academic program ready to be merged with the university’s learning management system. If the university has existing online or traditionally-structured courses, Convoy of Hope’s instructional team will coordinate with the university leadership to create a blended program that utilizes the best courses from both organizations. These courses can also provide the foundation for classroom-based instruction.
  • Online courses that can be offered in the university’s academic system supporting undergraduate, graduate, minor, concentrations, badges, and certificates.
  • Field mentoring in domestic and various global settings.
  • Summer and spring break ministry opportunities for university students.

University & Seminary Degree Programs

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in compassion ministries within the scope of humanitarian care
  • Fifteen undergraduate and 10 graduate courses

Certificates & Badges

  • Interdenominational training in numerous states, districts, school of ministry, churches, and Christian organizations
  • Certificates in compassion ministries and badges in an area of service

Partner Organizations

  • Internships and career opportunities
  • Field experience
University Partners

Our University Partners

Program Offerings

Program Offerings

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

Including course offerings such as:

Theology of Compassion
A biblical foundation of the Church’s theological interpretation and practical application of compassion throughout history.

Applied Sustainability
Prepares students to meet the challenges of the destitute through compassion, cutting-edge technology, sustainable processes, and financially viable methods.

Leading Compassion Projects
Focus on critical elements necessary to effectively plan, organize, and lead volunteers to complete community service projects.



  • Disaster Services & Relief Focus

The Hope Education Network™ provides:

  • An opportunity for growth in a certain area of compassion ministry.
  • An opportunity to actively engage in your local community and serve.
  • Interdenominational training in numerous states, districts, school of ministry, churches, and Christian organizations.
  • Certificates in compassion ministries and badges in an area of service.

The Hope Education Network™ expands programs and services to include formal training and education regarding compassion ministries.

  • Community Events
  • Children’s Feeding
  • Disaster Services
  • Agriculture
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Rural Compassion
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