Family: The Tie That Binds

When I was nine, my father was killed and my mother debilitated when a drunken driver slid across the divide and crashed into their car head on. For several months, my mother lay in the hospital fighting for her life. I was scared about where my siblings and I would end up. My older brothers Hal and Steve and my sister Susan were seemingly all I had, and I wondered if we would be able to stay together, or be separated and sent to live with relatives and friends. After all, who would take in four children between the ages of six and twelve?

The Davis family stepped up and took in all four of us. They had a small trailer and two children of their own, but the eight of us became bound together. I was so grateful to have that feeling of a close-knit family.

That’s the way we look at things at Convoy of Hope too: like a close-knit family. We want to be the common bond that ties together our friends who give and our friends who receive. We want to be like the Davises to every person we come in contact with, no matter which side of the equation they’re on.

We’ve served more than 70 million people since 1994, but there’s no way we could’ve done that without our faithful partners who continually give their time through volunteering, and their resources through gifts and donations.

Together, we’ve provided shoes, flu shots, food, medical screenings, Bibles, water, medicine, education and training, and even power washers to those in need.

Thank you for being a part of our family: for trusting us with your gift, so we can continue to be that bond — just like the Davises.

On behalf of Convoy of Hope and the more than 70 million others, we appreciate you.

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