Fueled by Compassion

In September, 2013, I traveled to Lyons, Colo., to visit some of the areas where Convoy of Hope had been helping flood survivors rebuild their lives. The unprecedented flooding in Colorado displaced thousands of people and damaged as many homes and businesses.

Meeting with volunteers and survivors touched my heart and reminded me, once again, how important the work is we do at Convoy of Hope. I met a woman named Rhonda in Lyons whose home and belongings had been severely damaged by the floodwaters. I stood with her outside her damaged home and she encouraged me with her determination and heart of gratitude. She was thankful we were there, but in her own right she was relentlessly determined to bounce back from devastation.

Her spirit and determination reminded me to be thankful for what I have and the importance of taking responsibility to meet needs. That’s why we’re working together to meet the needs of survivors like Rhonda as well as children and families around the world. Our work is fueled by compassion – thanks to you!

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