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Talking Points

Talking Points

  • On Friday, September 14, Hurricane Florence made landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina — just east of Wilmington. Various areas of the Carolinas were expected to receive up to 40 inches of rain. Thousands of people were without power, many water rescues took place and more than 40 storm-related fatalities have been reported.
  • The Convoy of Hope Disaster Services Team arrived in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Saturday, September 15. Because of our quick response, we were the only disaster response organization who could immediately begin serving residents after Florence made landfall.
  • During the first week of Convoy’s response, the team served hundreds of people in need through walk-up, mobile and drive-thru distribution points. Volunteers also went into affected neighborhoods to pass out product. Teams began assessing damage and helping homeowners clean up their properties.
  • We are now in the active long-term recovery phase, working with partners and churches to secure building materials.
  • At this time, we have:
    • Distributed more than 1.7 million pounds of relief supplies — such as food, water, baby supplies, hygiene kits and more — to shelters, the National Guard, Emergency Operation Centers, neighborhoods in Wilmington and other areas.
    • Served more than 90,000 individuals.
    • Served 35 communities in North and South Carolina.
    • Mobilized more than 1,991 volunteers, who have given nearly than 11,000 hours of their time.
    • Partnered with dozens of churches and other organizations.
  • Please direct media requests to Public Relations Director Jessica Blake at 417-851-4645 or [email protected].Update Videos

Update Videos

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B-Roll Package

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