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To help you get a jump start on your amazing party, we’ve included some quick downloads below. Look for much more in your free Party2Empower Party Kit we’re sending you.

Hostess Guide.pdf

Hostess Script.pdf

Hostess Tip Sheet.pdf


“Party2Empower is uniquely created with such practicality and tugs on every woman’s heart. God has blessed us so much in this country that we are responsible to help those who are less fortunate. The videos are gripping, and my ladies here in the Bronx could relate to so many things said in those stories.  The games were fun, the packet was bursting with ideas and creativity. Although my ladies are not wealthy, many of them gave sacrificially to help a total stranger get back on their feet, somewhere around the world. That is God’s love in action!”
— Diana Adour, Associate Pastor, Bronx, NY

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