Why Host A Party?

How many parties have you gone to where you buy something that you never use?  A Party2Empower is a different kind of party—it’s a party with a purpose!  You can help empower women all over the world by hosting your very own party.  A Party2Empower can be a theme of your choice and can be done in any venue.  Gather your friends and neighbors to join you in breaking the cycle of poverty and restoring strength and dignity to women around the world.

You can host a Party2Empower in your home, church or other venue. Discover ways you can make an impact in your community and throughout the world — right where you are.

Why host a party?

  1. Support Convoy of Hope’s Women’s Empowerment initiative which helps train women with job skills so they can feed their families and have a future.
  2. Encourage involvement in your local and global community.
  3. Build and strengthen lasting relationships rooted in your common desire to be generous and make a difference.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Fill out the form below to register. We’ll be in touch soon after.
  2. View our Creative Ideas to Make Your Event a Success or party themes to spark ideas.
  3. Start fundraising and invite your friends and family to join your Party2Empower.
  4. Look for our Party Kit in the mail one month from your party date.

When you register to host a party we’ll send you a custom Party2Empower “Party Kit” with pledge cards and a flash drive full of logos, posters, name tags and more to make your party a huge success.

“I couldn’t believe all that came in the kit! So wonderfully planned out.”
— Heather from Washington

Register to Host

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