Field Teams

Field Teams have reached capacity for 2017.

*We are now accepting applications for opportunities in 2018 & 2019.*


We’re excited to provide an opportunity for your group to serve through Convoy of Hope Field Teams. Team members serve people around the world through projects connected to our children’s feeding and agriculture programs as part of Convoy of Hope’s driving passion to feed the world.

These opportunities connect team members with longer-term goals to impact a child, family, community, and ultimately a culture by providing hope and help to those in need.

International Trips

FT-Haiti-01Guest House

Trip duration: 8 days/7 nights 
Team size: 10-15 people
Ground cost: $750 (all inclusive)
Project cost: $5,000-$10,000

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FT-Haiti-01Mission of Hope Partnership

Trip duration: 8 days/7 nights 
Team size: 10+ people
Ground cost: $675
Project cost: $5,000-$10,000

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Managua, Nicaragua

Trip duration: 7 days (Saturday-Saturday)
Team size: 10-15 people
Ground cost: $700
Project cost: $7,500

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Trip duration: 9 nights/10 days in Kenya
(a one-day safari experience is included)
Team size: 10-15 people
Ground cost: $300 plus $110/day (e.g. 8 days would be $1,180-$1,580) plus a $50 visa
Project cost: $6,000-$13,000

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Trip duration: 8 nights/9 days in Tanzania
(visit to Ngorongoro Crater/Safari is included)
Team size: 10-15 people
Ground cost: $300 plus $100-$150/day (e.g. 8 days would be $1,100-$1,500) plus a $100 visa
Project cost: $7,000-$17,000

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Trip duration: 7-12 days
Team size: 10-15 people
Ground cost: $95 per day
Project cost: $7,000

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Domestic Trips


Mississippi Delta

Trip duration (flexible): 8 days / 7 nights (Monday-Monday preferred)
Team size: Flexible
Ground cost: up to $300+/week
Project cost: $3,000-$10,000

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Rockaway Beach

Trip duration: 8 days / 7 nights (Saturday-Saturday)
Team size: Flexible
Ground cost: up to $350-$600+
Project cost: $2,500-$10,000

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Teams come alongside staff at our program locations and tackle construction, agriculture and other projects. We work closely with our in-country team to determine the specific projects your team will take part in and will communicate that to you 60 days prior to your trip.

Each team should bring funds that will go towards your assigned project/s. The funds will be used for purchase of materials, transportation, payment to local workers, project design (e.g. architectural expenses, set-up, etc.).

Trip Costs

Trip Costs

Includes: Does Not Include:
  • Food
  • In-country transportation
  • Insurance (medical insurance that covers issues that are caused on the trip, and also medical evacuations)
  • Clean water
  • A Convoy of Hope staff member
  • Interpreter(s)
  • A free day to connect with the culture and local points of interest
  • A cell phone with some minutes that the leader may use to contact home
  • Administrative assistance from our office
  • Airfare*
  • Souvenirs
  • Medical expenses
  • Tips to guest house staff, drivers, etc.
  • Special food/drink
*We have a full-time travel specialist who has worked with many teams. That enables us to find the airport/itinerary/cost that works best for your team. You’ll then add the actual cost of the tickets to the amount you’re raising for the trip.
Participant Criteria

Participant Criteria

Every participant must meet the following criteria:

  • 16-years-old or older for international trips and 13-years-old or older for U.S.-based trips
  • In good health
  • Consent to a background check
  • Pass background check

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Field Teams open to individuals as well as groups?
Currently, we are not able to accommodate individuals who are not connected with a team.

What kind of groups may serve as a Field Team?
Field Teams exist to connect partners with opportunities to serve  people through Convoy of Hope. Field Teams consist of people from churches, universities and/or other groups or organizations.

What age groups are encouraged to serve as a Field Team?
Field Teams are open to those who are 16-years-old and older for international travel and 13-years-old and older for U.S.-based trips. It should be noted that many of our group opportunities include construction-oriented work. Please look closely to see the type of work required of each opportunity, and keep this in mind when deciding on the team members from your group.

What kind of work will Field Team members do?
Field Teams help Convoy of Hope accomplish our goals around the world. Because of this, different teams may serve through different projects and opportunities. Currently, most of our teams will help with construction projects that serve our Children’s Feeding Initiative. Additionally, most teams will spend time with children and others who are served through Convoy of Hope.

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Please understand that when we receive this application, we will immediately begin working with international contacts to ensure an effective opportunity for your group. We understand that circumstances arise, but please know that failing to follow through with this trip could potentially affect our international relationships or future Field Team opportunities.

If you understand and agree to these conditions, please complete the information below. We look forward to serving with you.

Next Steps:

  1. Appoint team leader.
  2. Download your trip packet & leader packet.
  3. Fill out application.
  4. We’ll be in touch to confirm dates.
  5. We ask that you provide a $1,000 down payment within 10 days of confirmation of your trip.
  6. Complete and return necessary forms 60 days prior to your trip.


  • Only accepting 2018 & 2019 applications. All 2017 trips are full.