Founders Circle

Our Founders Circle brings together like-minded leaders and philanthropists through a hands-on approach to meet the needs of the impoverished, suffering and hungry throughout the world—leveraging their time, unique expertise, financial resources and influence.

Hal Donaldson, CEO and Co-Founder

Participation in the Founders Circle involves a one-year commitment, renewable indefinitely, at the members choosing.


Founders Circle members are encouraged to travel with us once a year to participate in a domestic outreach or an international trip to serve those in need.


Founders Circle members are provided with opportunities to leverage their expertise to help Convoy of Hope further its mission.


Members commit at least $12,000 a year, or a lifetime goal of $1 million at which point membership is recognized for life.


Members are encouraged and equipped to become ambassadors for Convoy of Hope to their sphere of influence. Multiple vision trips and special events are hosted each year as opportunities to introduce friends and business contacts.


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