These lyrics play over and over in the hearts and minds of our community outreach volunteers. The Chris Tomlin song to which these lyrics belong has become the anthem of our pre-outreach Friday night rally events. As the song is played, pictures of that specific community also play onscreen. I have personally been to these rallies multiple times in multiple states and I remain awestruck as volunteers cry, cheer, hoot, holler and deliver a standing ovation celebrating the promise of hope for their community. But, it’s not just an emotional high followed by a descension back to reality.

The next morning volunteers wake up before the sun to put on sunscreen, comfy shoes and a bright blue #TheConvoy t-shirt ready to serve in the hot sun, or sometimes rain, all day long. This is the uniform dawned by a sea of hope-givers, dedicated to giving “Greater Things” to their community and their neighbors. One of my personal favorite elements of our work is that when we leave a city after a community outreach or a disaster response, our volunteers stay behind. Many have past experience and passion to serve their neighbor and give to their community but others have just had their first experience with giving deeply of themselves to a stranger.

These lyrics are not just for the day before a community outreach, they’re for the day after as well when the Convoy of Hope tractor-trailer has rolled out and volunteer shirts have been shed. Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city.

Need some daily inspiration? Download this artwork as a wallpaper for your mobile device. 

Chris Tomlin is a Grammy Award winning contemporary christian artist who’s newest album Burning Lights recently debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 1.

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