Mother Teresa is a global household name for her humanitarian work in India, for speaking candidly to world leaders about caring for the vulnerable and for founding Missionaries of Charity, 4,500 sisters dedicated to serving the poor in 133 countries. Yet, with all of her international fame and impact, she remained focussed on the person in front of her.

Prior to founding Convoy of hope, our president Hal Donaldson got to meet Mother Teresa in Calcutta. There she challenged Hal to do his part to help the people around him . “Everyone can do something,” she told him. Years later Convoy of Hope is helping millions of people around the world each year.

Today we’re challenged by Mother Teresa to look to the left, to the right and across the street to know, serve and love our next door neighbors.

Have you gone out of your way to get to know your neighbor? How has it impacted you?

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