Life Fights for Life

A scientist placed a plant in a room with no light. He was experimenting how long it would take for the plant to die from lack of sunlight. As the days passed, the petals wilted and turned brown. The plant struggled to live.

As he left for a trip, the scientist accidentally brushed the curtain by the door, which let a sliver of light into the room.

When he returned from his trip expecting to see the plant dead, he was astounded to see that the plant’s branches were stretching toward the thin beam of light that shone through the curtains. That tiny bit of light sustained the plant, even in surrounding darkness.

Every time I think of that story, I’m energized. To think that new life and new growth can form in just a tiny amount of light; that renewal and regeneration come from a single beam…especially now, as we’re surrounded by light with the spring season upon us.

This time of year is a favorite for many because the cycle of new life pushing its way out of the soil presents itself as a metaphor for our own lives. It’s as if we are all afforded fresh, new opportunities.

Just like the opportunities you, as a friend to Convoy of Hope, provide to women all over the world that enable them to grow crops and provide for their families. Through your partnership, we’ve been able to educate and train more than 5,500 women and girls in six countries around the world — 3,091 of those women were given seed capital to start their businesses.

Women who could not give their children food before are now running successful businesses, building their own homes and sending their children to school — things they never expected to be able to do.

Thank you for helping us give women a better life for their families — for being that sliver of light to a wilting plant.

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