Little Heroes Help End Hunger

It’s not every day you meet a group of heroes who haven’t graduated middle school yet. But after hearing about children who suffer from hunger and poverty, kids from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania decided they wanted to help.

Michael, one of the oldest of the group, was saving up for something else but had a change of heart.

“He was saving up for an iPad,” his mom says. “But after he heard about One Day to Feed the World at church, he decided to give his savings to feed children instead.”

Katie worked hard to rake leaves and clean her room to raise money. It wasn’t as much what she did, but the attitude she portrayed that made it worthwhile. She knew every little bit she raised would go to help a kid like her.

Carlee called her grandma and asked if she would be willing to help her change the world. She packed her bags, headed to her grandma’s and did chores around the house to earn money. She didn’t stop there. After collecting that money, she wanted to give even more — she emptied her piggy bank and gave every last penny she had.

“I am forever changed by my involvement with Convoy of Hope,” says Pastor Debbie. “And it’s exciting to see our church kids get involved and raise money in fun ways to help other children.”

Without the hearts of people like Michael, Katie and Carlee, we would not be able to provide hope to the impoverished and suffering around the world. It’s kids like these who powerfully prove to us that no matter your age, you have the ability to change lives.

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