Teamwork: Time Together Makes Us Better

Nothing invigorates and engages me quite like teamwork, partnership and networking.

My greatest joy at the moment is leading and serving with the Convoy of Hope International Program team. We have nearly 100 diverse and dynamic staff members, interns, volunteers and other great partners serving with us. Seeing the impact our collective calling is having around the world is inspiring.

Perhaps because our team is separated by great distances and we are so highly deployable, we cherish every moment we have together.

The conversations are rich, the camaraderie is robust and the sense of common call is remarkable.

In light of all of this, we understand that time together makes us better.

Every time we come together, we leave feeling renewed, refreshed and recalibrated. We love to connect, we long to collaborate and we have learned to honor one another and those we serve.

I want to encourage you to discover what we have come to know for yourself in new and exciting ways.

I am confident that as you build your team culture, you will discover all of this and more. There is nothing greater than sharing life together.

Believe me — it’s worth it!

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