Walk for Water

Fourth graders at Rountree Elementary in Springfield, Missouri, spent six weeks studying water and the lack of access to clean water many people experience throughout the world. After hearing about the far distances people travel for water, the students decided to take action.

They designed and created their own water filters, and hosted a walk-a-thon where they invited other classes and community members to walk along with them. Through the event, they raised more than $500 to support Convoy of Hope’s clean water initiatives around the world.

“Through the walk-a-thon, our students had an opportunity to connect more with the situation faced by many without clean water and work for the money through sponsorships,” says Kelly Henkle, fourth grade teacher at Rountree “This gave the students more ownership of the money they donated.”

We are thankful for these awesome fourth graders that saw a need and wanted to do their part to help us bring hope to those who need it most!

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