World Kindness Day — How to live kindly

We’ve all heard the phrase, “kindness is contagious,” but sometimes it takes awhile to make it a habit. In the chaos of our everyday, it’s easy to overlook opportunities to show kindness to those around us.

Listen, and speak and act kindly to cultivate a routine and lifestyle of kindness. Here are some simple ways to live kindly on World Kindness Day and every day:

  • Listen well — A good listener makes people feel valuable. When in conversation, be attentive and genuine. Ask questions. Listen more than you speak.
  • Speak words of life — Your words are the most powerful object in your possession. Use them wisely, but generously. Take time to encourage those around you through your words. Pay a visit, make a phone call, write a note or send a text message.
  • Pay it forward — Practice paying forward the kindness you’ve received. Take a coworker to lunch, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, lend a helping hand or volunteer.

Be intentional with those around you — you can never show too much kindness.

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  • Hannah Cook

    I’m so encouraged by this, I will try to implement more kindness into my week! Well written, Whitley!!