Meandering from one viewpoint to the next, my young family of five sought out the sun’s warm rays on a brittle cold morning while we stared at the wondrous site that is a Grand Canyon sunrise. The Grand Canyon was one stop on our trek from California to Springfield, Mo., where I would get back to work and start the new year at Convoy of Hope’s offices. As we exited the National Park’s gates I asked my four-year-old how the Grand Canyon got there. With confidence she replied, “Rain, rain and that river made it Dad.”

My daughter’s response brings to mind another story of small beginnings. Convoy of Hope’s co-founder and CEO, Hal Donaldson, recently spoke to Missouri lawmakers at the 2014 Missouri Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. He told them about the 1969 car accident that took his father’s life and left his Mother badly injured and unable to work. He also told them about the Davis family who took he and his siblings into their single-wide trailer from day one and cared for them for months after. Hal went on to explain, “because of their investment in the lives of four children, God was able to take my father’s mangled automobile and he would transform it into a fleet of Convoy of Hope semi-trucks that are filled with food and supplies that today are crisscrossing our country, helping millions of people across our nation.” Then, in closing, he made the statement pictured above.

If the kindness of one family has sparked help and hope for more than 63 million people in Convoy of Hope’s 20 years. And, if my daughter is right about rain drops making the Grand Canyon. Then, imagine the wondrous site we’d all be staring at one year from now if we dedicated 2014 to kindness. Whether it’s helping people in their hardest moments or chipping away at a hardened society with drips and drops of random kindness, our small actions can completely alter the landscape of our world.

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