You Made Hope Happen on Giving Tuesday

People all over the world rallied around Convoy of Hope yesterday for Giving Tuesday. Because of their generosity, we can keep serving people with experiences like these:

“COVID-19 knocked us down. I’m an essential worker, a CNA. This is awesome! Anything right now will help.” —Anonymous, served at a Community Event

“Thank you to the people who make it possible that this food comes to our table and

help me grow and develop eating delicious food!” —Alejandro, a child in our Children’s Feeding program

“I use a lot of the services, but Convoy [of Hope], it’s one of the most understanding and respectful organizations. They treat you like a person — like you’re just another person that deserves something. They don’t look down on you. They don’t treat you different.” —Carly, served at a Community Event

“I am happy because I know now that I am able. Now, instead of me begging to people for help, people come to me.” —Julie, enrolled in Women’s Empowerment 

“I just wanted to share with you guys how important what you’re doing out here is. You’re saving lives out here. You’re giving opportunities for people out in the community who don’t have the financial means to be able to do things like that.” —Mandy, served at a Community Event

“This is the new standard to which we want to uphold other NGOs involved in school-based feeding programs.” —Tanzanian Government official, about Children’s Feeding

“Before, I would beg even for clothes to put on my children. Now, I buy them good clothes.” —Selam, enrolled in Women’s Empowerment

As a parent, it is nice because your kids are happier that they have the things they need to start the year off with.” —Denice, served at a Community Event

The generosity of others enables us to help those in need. Yesterday was proof that we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone.

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