A Day Without Water

Have you experienced a day without water? There are many things you can’t do —  drink, bathe, cook food, wash your hands, use the toilet, wash dishes, wash clothes, clean the house, give water to your pet or make ice.

Such a simple liquid is vital for daily life.

Pacaya Community, El Crucero Municipality, is a community located in the only plateau of Nicaragua, 900 meters high, and has historical problems with drinking water, which has been exacerbated with a two year drought.

At the School Jose Cecilio del Valle, there are 133 children who live without potable water 365 days a year. The children go to school without taking a shower and with dirty clothes. It’s an ordeal to prepare food for the family. Oftentimes, the mother has to get up early and walk two kilometers to buy a bucket of water. Lack of water perpetuates diarrhea, skin diseases, lice and other parasites that do not allow children to absorb the nutrients from the food they receive.

But at Convoy of Hope, we cannot conceive a nutrition program divorced from water and sanitation. Every child — in addition to being well fed — deserves access to clean and safe drinking water. We recognize the importance of that and are working towards implementing WASH (Water Access, Sanitation & Hygiene) programs at each of our feeding centers.

Today, I challenge you. Every time you turn on the faucet, remember the millions of families without access to clean and safe water.

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