Children in Ethiopia after they have been served lunch. Children in Ethiopia after they have been served lunch.

A lesson from the poor

I’m always inspired by what the impoverished can teach us. They can teach us so much, like being grateful.

The line was especially long at Costco as my wife and I joined the throng of shopping carts overflowing with groceries stacked like mountainous peaks.  We could hear a growing chorus of fellow shoppers complaining because the pace of the checkers did not meet their expectations.

I couldn’t help but contrast that moment from just a few days earlier when I had watched hungry children from the Kenya’s Mathare Valley slums joyfully waiting for a bowl of soup. I can assure you they did not complain if their soup did not arrive quickly.

The poor can teach us the simplest things. There are countless times I’ve been fortunate enough to witness many instances just like the one in the Mathare Valley. The poor are humble and grateful that we are working tirelessly to bring them a healthy meal. You can see it in children’s faces as they hold up an empty bowl to be filled with food. Whether they are in the Philippines, Central America or Haiti where we’re feeding thousands, it’s important to keep in mind the lessons these incredible individuals can teach us.

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