The Root of Hunger and Poverty

Undernutrition is most devastating to children because it impairs both mental and physical growth. Hungry children have slower cognitive development than their peers, which often perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Some of the severe effects of undernutrition include: stunting, reduced adult income, decreased offspring birth weight and an increased risk of death.

Though nutrition is a complicated issue, it’s one of the best vehicles through which we can transform a child’s health, education and future. To better understand what it takes to foster healthy, well-nourished children, we continue to adapt our model to fit best practice according to leading research and experts.

“By working with national staff, we develop, coordinate, manage and evaluate the children’s feeding program, women’s empowerment and agriculture training.”

Ten years ago it was about filling a belly. Now, it’s about nourishing and caring for a whole person.

After starting the feeding program in Haiti, we met Ana. A few months later, we got to visit with her again. She looked healthier, stronger and happier. She recalled the exact moment Convoy of Hope started the program.

“That was the day my life changed forever,” she said.

When we started feeding children, we focused on the “one.” Though our strategy has changed, we will never lose this focus because we know the extraordinary starts with one meal, child, family and garden.

And one day soon, we hope the roots of hunger wither.

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Children's Feeding