Creative Generosity

I love what I do. My full time job is to help people get creative when it comes to being generous. Another term for creative generosity is one you’ve heard before, “philanthropy.” Sadly, this term has become exclusive and most people think of philanthropists as people with massive wealth looking for ways to get rid of tax-laden assets. I think everyone can be creatively generous.

I get excited when I think about all the stuff out there that people might want to give away to help a charity like Convoy of Hope feed more children, empower more women or inspire more families with help and hope in a tough economy. Because of some of the financial tools available, non-profits can accept all kinds of gifts.

I know a schoolteacher with a good story. Her mother had been a famous opera diva in New York and a fan had given the singer a Tiffany’s diamond bracelet. My friend, the schoolteacher, inherited the bracelet but never wore it. So, she got creative with her generosity and honored her mother with a philanthropic impact on the world around her.

Every year Americans give stock in their own businesses, real estate of all kinds, and a wide assortment of other contributions like precious metals, gems, jewelry, valuable collections of everything imaginable, oil and gas interests, patents and artwork.

Like I said, I get excited when I see people getting creative with generosity. To find out more about how to creatively give to Convoy of Hope, visit

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