Preparedness Month: Cash & Documentation (4 of 4)

For the final week of National Preparedness Month, the focus is on cash and emergency documents. Important documents should be kept in a portable water and fire proof box. Make sure to keep an extra copy of all important documents and store them with an out-of-state family member or friend.

This is also a good week to think about any other special items you or your family might need. Think about specific needs for any seniors, babies, those with special needs or pets that might require other supplies in addition to the items we have listed.

By staying up to date and working through each week’s checklist, your family can be prepared to respond during a time of need. We hope you will take what you’ve learned, apply it and share the information with your friends and family. Being prepared can bring help and hope among even the most devastating circumstances.

DPM Week 4 Checklist Blog


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