Preparedness Month: First Aid & Personal Hygiene Checklist (3 of 4)

First Aid is important anytime, but can become vital when it comes to keeping your family safe and healthy in your shelter. While it’s hard to know exactly what you will need before a disaster strikes, there are several key items worth having in your family preparedness kit.

Remember that things like flooding and fires can cause germs to be released that create illnesses so prevention is key. Having these basic supplies and knowing how to treat minor injuries can make a tangible difference for your family or neighbors during a time of need.

This is “First Aid & Personal Hygiene” week of National Preparedness Month so please use the checklist below to stock your kit with first aid items, as well as a 3-day supply of toiletries for each member of the family. While food, water, warmth and technology are important, safety is key.

DPM Week 3 Checklist Blog


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