Preparedness Month: Warmth & Technology Checklist (2 of 4)

Disasters can strike when we least expect it. It’s important to plan for the worst. Because we cannot always predict the weather, consider including warmth and technology items in your disaster preparedness kit.

Each family member should have each item under the “Warmth” category on the checklist. It is best to place these items in a clean sturdy garbage can, tote or other container that will fit in your shelter area. Make sure items you may use for other family activities are also stored with your preparedness supplies for quick access.

During a disaster, you may be without power for many days. Be sure to equip your family with necessary technology to stay connected in case of emergency and to receive news and important updates. Each family member should have their own flashlight in the kit, as well as extra batteries. The shelf life for batteries varies from 5-10 years.

Use the checklist below to stock your family preparedness kit with “Warmth & Technology” items and check back next week during National Preparedness Month for a list on “First Aid & Personal Hygiene.” Making these small changes now can make a big impact when you need it most.

DPM Week 2 Checklist Blog


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