Relief for Syrian refugees

Convoy of Hope is partnering with Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) to aid Syrian refugees in Jordan. Working with a partner church in Amman, COHEU is currently aiding families by providing them mattresses, blankets, fans and food parcels.

“We’re focusing most of our efforts in the northern city of Irbid, near the Syrian border, where tens of thousands of refugees have fled,” says Albert Walsweer, COO of COHEU. “There is a great need among people who’ve fled to safety, and we appreciate the partnership with Convoy of Hope to help as many as possible.”

Every Tuesday, families gather in Irbid to receive distributions of food parcels that include items such as rice, tea, sugar, spaghetti, milk and cooking oil. The parcels will feed a family of five for 10-15 days.

Dikran Salbashian, pastor of New Life Church in Amman, says any amount of help is immeasurable to the refugees.

“The needs are unbelievable,” says Salbashian. “The needs are so great. So many people who have nothing are living with 20 other people in one house or small living space, and life here is expensive.”

Salbashian notes the Jordanian government estimates 1.3 million Syrians have fled to Jordan, putting a strain on the countries’ economic and social infrastructures. Most of the refugees who have settled in Irbid are seeking a better life than what is prevalent at the massive Zaatari refugee camp on the border.

“That is a place where women are selling themselves for food,” he says. “It’s a desolate place of pain. You feel hopelessness there. I’m hopeful that some are finding solace in what we can offer here.”

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