Story of One: Jacque, Haiti

Jacque, 14, has just shown up at his school outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but he isn’t here to learn today. “I’m here to eat,” he says.

Jacque frequently comes to the school on days he doesn’t have class just so he can get a nutritious meal provided by Convoy of Hope and its partners.

“Jacque has no guarantee there is food at home, so he comes here,” says Baltazar, who runs the school. “It’s a blessing he can come here.”

Jacque lives in poverty with his mother and three siblings. His mother doesn’t work, so food is scarce at home. “I feel bad to not have food at home,” he says. “I sometimes ask the neighbor for food, or I come here where I can eat.”

Convoy of Hope and its partners have been providing food for 256 Haitian children in this school for two years.

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