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NASCAR, NFL Athletes & Convoy of Hope Gear Up to Help Vegas Communities

“Woohoo! Man, this is a lot,” one man said with a smile on his face. In his hands, he had several bags of groceries that NASCAR driver Joey Logano and Las Vegas police officers had given him. He went home with food, socks, hygiene supplies, a prepaid gas card, and hope.

Joey Logano and Las Vegas Raiders tight end Derek Carrier were at the event to greet hundreds of families and to work alongside Convoy of Hope. The distribution took place in partnership with the Joey Logano Foundation, Shell US, and Pennzoil. In total, more than 800 families in need received hope. Las Vegas news stations also spread stories of hope with their coverage of the event.

The distribution took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. One of the surprises for people who attended was seeing Carrier and Logano in person.

“It worked out great, just being here in Las Vegas and working with Convoy of Hope,” Carrier said.

“We have teamed up with Convoy of Hope; it’s been absolutely amazing out here in Las Vegas,” Logano said. “It’s been a surprise for Derek to come out here, and it’s neat to see the community all come together.”

Convoy of Hope and the partners involved were part of a “pit crew” that took supplies to people. The recipients were among three organizations in Las Vegas, including the Care Complex and The Salvation Army.

This event was made possible by Convoy Nation™. Convoy Nation is a gathering of friends and fans of Convoy of Hope — led by athletes, celebrities, innovators, idealists, and entrepreneurs — who are bent on fighting hunger, poverty, and suffering in partnership with Convoy of Hope.

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Veterans Day: Honoring those who have served

Later this month, Convoy of Hope will launch a Veterans Services tent at our Community Event in Las Vegas. This project is near to my heart, as my father died when I was just two years old while serving in the Vietnam War.

Convoy of Hope has recruited the assistance of local organizations and agencies to partner with us to offer support and resources to veterans at these events. We also encourage volunteers at the event to keep the momentum going in their city past the event by honoring veterans regularly.

We encourage you to look at the list below and see how you can honor those who have served and risked their lives for our freedom.

  • Say “thank you.”  It’s such a small, simple gesture but can mean a lot.
  • Place flowers or flags on the graves of veterans.
  • Volunteer at a VA Hospital or at your local veteran organizations.
  • Send a care package.
  • When you see a soldier boarding your fully booked flight, offer them your window or aisle seat.
  • If you are a manager or work in HR, hire a veteran.
  • Send a “thank you” note to someone you know has and/or is serving in the armed forces.
  • Attend a Veteran’s Day parade.
  • Ask students to create “thank you” posters and put them up around town for veterans to see.
  • Help modify homes for wounded veterans that need ramps, handrails, etc.

We are excited to offer the Veterans Services area at each event we do in the future.  We will continue to do whatever we can for veterans and their families who have done so much for us.

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