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International Day of The Girl

Convoy of Hope is celebrating International Day of the Girl, a day that acknowledges the challenges girls face and defends their rights.

Supporting girls is central to Convoy of Hope’s work to end poverty and hunger. We believe in strengthening young women like Oriana in Burkina Faso. Someday, she and millions of girls will change their communities, countries, and our world for the better. 

Oriana’s sweet, shy smile lights up when she talks about her classes. “I like science best. I find it easy. But I like to study anything. Being in school makes me so happy.”

Oriana knows she is fortunate to attend school. Her parents, like many other adults in Burkina Faso, are farmers. Their livelihoods are dependent on the fickle West African weather. During the rainy season, storms can wash away seeds and knock down crops. In the dry season, a hot wind blows from the Sahara. Food security is tenuous, and families often worry about where their next meal will come from.

Thanks to Convoy of Hope and our partners in Burkina Faso, Oriana doesn’t have to worry about whether or not she will eat during difficult times. Rain or shine, she knows she’ll receive a meal at school.

Thank you for being part of Oriana’s solution. Because of partners like you, we’re helping vulnerable children like her become everything they were born to be.

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International Day of the Girl – Empowering girls with Convoy of Hope

Melanie,* like many other 13-year-old Nicaraguan girls, wrestles with personal identity in an ocean of images and voices telling her who she “should” be. When she learned that a Convoy of Hope program to empower girls was not only coming to her school but that she was personally being invited to participate, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Melanie wasn’t simply seeking to feel better about herself. She wanted to flourish. And that’s exactly what she experienced through loving leaders and courageous peers in the program. Over a series of weeks, she found herself exchanging insecurity for confidence and timidity for boldness. Like so many, Melanie is moving from survivability to sustainability! 

As we celebrate International Day of the Girl, Convoy of Hope is proud to join other organizations and groups around the world in empowering girls to realize their value. International Day of the Girl seeks to educate the public on the hardships girls face around the world every day — issues like child marriage, unplanned pregnancy, education inequality, gender-based violence, lack of self-esteem, and personal hygiene. 

Our program to empower girls began in 2010 with a single after-school club at a secondary school in Tanzania where girls were dropping out of school due to pregnancy. Key stakeholders from the community were invited to share their thoughts regarding a range of topics through educational seminars and interactive discussions. 

Since that first group, the program has expanded and evolved. We have established programs in five countries: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Kenya, and the Philippines. Each country has curriculum specific to the needs and issues pertaining to girls in their programs. Sessions can include culturally contextual appropriate topics around self-esteem, gender-based violence, and harmful cultural beliefs and practices. 

Regardless of location, our program provides them with tools and resources to set goals and achieve dreams. We teach these young women that they can have a future where finishing school, going to a university, and starting a career are possibilities, regardless of their circumstances. 

Over the past 25 years, Convoy of Hope has been dedicated to not only feeding the world, but helping individuals and communities thrive. Today, and every day, let’s celebrate girls and empower them to see their dreams become a reality. 

You can learn more about how Convoy is empowering girls at convoyofhope.org/we.



*Name has been changed.

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25 Stories That Shaped Convoy of Hope / Women's Empowerment

3 ways you can help Convoy of Hope empower women

Last week we saw incredible support for women on International Women’s Day. We at Convoy of Hope believe that when women are given strength and dignity, it not only impacts their families, but their entire communities as well. This is why we empower women each day to make strategic, independent life choices — and we want your help!

Women in developing countries often lack the education, opportunity and confidence to support themselves and their families. With your support, Convoy of Hope can help train women in necessary nutrition, health and everyday skills, and even help them to start their own business.

Here are 3 ways you can help empower women with Convoy of Hope:

1. Spread the word as an advocate

Being an advocate is one of the easiest ways to make an impact! Just by talking about the women who need support and raising awareness for their situation, you are supporting them. This can be as easy as telling a friend about the Women’s Empowerment program over coffee or sharing a woman’s story with a post on Facebook.

2. Throw a party

A Party2Empower is a party with a purpose! Gather your friends and neighbors to learn about some of the women who’s lives were changed through Women’s Empowerment, while enjoying activities themed from their stories. Not only is this a good way to spread the word, but it is a great opportunity to get your friends actively involved in this great cause. Learn more about throwing your own party to empower at convoy.org/women.

3. Donate

Whether its a one-time gift or a monthly commitment, your donation goes to significantly impact a woman’s life. A one-time gift of $25 would sponsor a girl in our Empowered Girls Program — helping her to attend weekly meetings where she would learn about topics like health, hygiene and harmful cultural practices, as well as helping her finish school and pursue job opportunities. A recurring monthly gift of $25 for a year would provide seed capital for a woman to start her own business. You can donate online at convoy.org/donate/IWD.

Learn more about how you can get involved with Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment program at convoy.org/women.

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The Empowered Girls performing a song from The Empowered Girls performing a song from "Children of Africa."

Celebrating Women Today and Every Day: Part 2

This is part two of our week celebrating the women in our Women’s Empowerment Program, we are especially excited to highlight our work this week, leading up to International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8.

This week we are highlighting the seven countries our Women’s Empowerment Program works in. Each day we will be giving away a small gift from each of the countries with a one-of-a-kind gift being given away on International Women’s Day.


Tanzania –

In Tanzania we run a program called Empowered Girls. Empowered Girls has girls’ clubs in seven schools teaching topics like self-esteem, confidence, leadership, conflict resolution and study skills. Lessons are reinforced by fun activities like essay contests, fashion shows and singing.


Girls from four Tanzanian schools wrote and recorded an album called “Watoto wa Afrika,” meaning “Children of Africa,” which was launched during the graduation. The album has songs about the challenges they face as girls, including some real-life situations they encounter. Some songs teach girls about how to resolve problems that come up, while others encourage girls and women to know their rights and to stand up for themselves.

We are offering one of their songs for free download today! Just click the button below to download the song “Enaboishu” — written and performed by girls from the program!

EnaboishuDownload Free Now!


El Salvador –

Our Mother’s Clubs in El Salvador teach women job skills training — something they’ve never had before — while also providing self-esteem classes and nutrition and hygiene training.

Edited (1 of 4)

Mother’s Clubs are helping women, like Maria, who is the mother of Jacqueline, 7, and 1-year-old Marcos. She also watches her nephew, Diego, 2, while her sister works. Maria is learning how to run a poultry farm so she can provide her children with food, a home and a better life.

“My dream is for my children to have a future,” she says with a wide smile. “When they are successful, I will know that I worked hard so they could have a good life.”

Today we are giving away this cool bracelet hand made in El Salvador! Share our Facebook post for a chance to win!



Kenya – 

Kenya is the most recent addition to our Women’s Empowerment Program. Our first graduating class passed through the program near the end of 2014 and have now received seed capitol for starting their own businesses!

We are excited to see how these women’s economic opportunities improve as they continue to work on growing small businesses.


We believe providing a women with economic freedom makes them more secure and confident of their intrinsic worth and value to their homes and communities.

Today we are excited to give away these beautiful hand printed Convoy of Hope leather notebooks from Kenya! One is an iPad holder and the other is a notebook holder. Share either of our Facebook posts for a chance to win!

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Program Updates / Women's Empowerment