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Kindness Expands

In 2016, we witnessed short-term disaster responses turn into long-term programs in Nepal and Lebanon. The results for communities high in the Himalayas and on the outskirts of refugee camps in the Middle East have been life-changing. Thank you for enabling us to bring hope in such desperate circumstances. The growth of Convoy of Hope’s programs are a direct result of your kindness!


In 2015, Convoy of Hope responded to a devastating earthquake in Nepal. In 2016, we added 600 children at four schools to our Children’s Feeding Initiative. In addition to the feeding program, we’ve also facilitated agriculture trainings to nearly 200 participants to address the underlying food security issues. Community members, teachers and parents are reporting significant changes in the village from these programs including better attendance because the children are sick less often.


Since 2014, we have worked with local partners to provide vital resources to refugees fleeing Syria including food, heaters, newborn health kits, hygiene kits, coats and more.  In 2016, we were able to implement an emergency-based feeding program in Lebanon serving 650 Lebanese and Syrian refugee children at two schools and refugee camps. We will continue to work with our partners in the area to serve even more children and families in these war-torn communities.


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Children's Feeding

Nepal — One Year Later

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, leaving nearly 9,000 people dead. Many lost everything. Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team responded immediately by providing emergency relief supplies such as food, water and tarps to thousands of families in need.

Today, on the one-year anniversary of the earthquake, our team is still working in Nepal to bring help and hope to those who need it most. To date, we have helped more than 45,000 beneficiaries.

“We are committed to helping Nepal long-term,” says Nathan Mallonee, director of program effectiveness for International Program. “We will continue to work with our in-country partners to provide sustainable nutrition and recovery assistance.”

The nation still has a long way to go in their recovery. Nearly half of the 75 districts in Nepal still have survivors living in temporary or makeshift shelters. They do not yet have the funds to rebuild many of their own homes, schools and communities.

When we respond to a disaster — like the earthquake in Nepal or recent flooding in Houston — we want to make sure we meet the immediate needs, but also stay for the long haul as the communities continue to pick up the pieces and come back stronger than before.

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You can help Elevate the people of Nepal! You can help Elevate the people of Nepal!

5 Ways You Can Help Elevate Nepal

We’re so grateful for the amazing response of our friends around the world to bring hope to the people of Nepal. Here are 5 simple ways you can help elevate Nepal.

1. Stay Informed

Nepal is nestled between China and India, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan Mountains. Being isolated from the rest of the world, it is often overlooked and forgotten.

What many people don’t know is that Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. An earthquake of this magnitude crumbled their delicate infrastructure and will hinder cultural advancement. Stay informed on our response here.

2. Share Their Story

Many have begun to show their support for Nepal survivors by posting their own creative content to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ve put together a graphic to help you get you in on spreading hope using #ElevateNepal.

Click on the image below and save it to your phone. Then ask a friend to snap a picture of you showing your support.

Elevate Nepal Phone

You can say something like:

“The people of Nepal have lost so much in this earthquake but together we can #ElevateNepal! Get involved with @ConvoyofHope and check out fundraise.convoyofhope.org/elevatenepal”

Or if you’re a tweeter:

“Join me in helping survivors of the Nepal earthquake. Partner w/ @ConvoyofHope fundraise.convoyofhope.org/elevatenepal #ElevateNepal”

3. Donate to Convoy of Hope

Everyone can play a part in elevating Nepal. Donate what’s possible and remember even a $10 goes a long ways.

4. Pray for the Nepalese

Pray for protection and encouragement into the lives of the Nepalese and those responding to this crisis. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

5. Join Together with Friends

The elevation begins with you! Take it upon yourself to make a lasting impact on the people of Nepal.

Sign up to fundraise. Invite friends, family, and coworkers to get in on the action with personal messages. Share the graphics and the resilience of the Nepalese people. Together Nepal will rise again!

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