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Convoy of Hope Mid-Year Update

Convoy of Hope continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Since its founding in 1994, Convoy of Hope has been committed to helping those in need around the world. To date, we have worked with more than 46,000 partners to serve 115 million people in more than 125 countries. Our work would not be possible without the faithful dedication and generosity of churches, organizations, and individuals who believe in our mission to serve the hurting.

So far, 2019 has been a busy year! Already, we have responded to disasters, held Community Events across the United States, and hosted Field Teams around the world — all in addition to our ongoing work in 14 program countries. Our incredible field staff and network of global partners continue feeding children in schools, empowering female entrepreneurs, and training farmers in agricultural best practices.

In the coming months, we will engage even more volunteers and continue expanding our international programming. We’re especially looking forward to the upcoming release of Hal Donaldson’s (CEO/Founder) new book, Disruptive Compassion. In this book, Hal challenges readers with the question “What’s holding you back from becoming the revolutionary you were born to be?”  Taking readers with him on his personal journey through struggle and doubt, Hal shares the untold story of Convoy of Hope and invites us into a life of disruptive compassion.

As we continue celebrating 25 years of spreading hope we can’t help but eagerly look ahead. There are more people to be helped, and Convoy wants to be ready to respond no matter the time, place, or circumstance. Whether in the aftermath of a cyclone or a supply shortage at the border, we want to be there for the people who need us most. Because that’s not just what we do — it’s who we are.

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In the News / Program Updates

How to make a soda bottle hanging basket

Each year, Convoy of Hope hands out thousands Gardens in a Bag at Community Events across the U.S. Each Garden in a Bag includes Baker Creek seeds, helpful tips and endless possibilities for Guests of Honor to start growing their own food, regardless the amount of land they have.

One way to start growing vegetables in a small space and on a small budget is vertical wall planting. Learn how to make a hanging basket out of a two-liter soda bottle below!

What you’ll need:

  • two-liter soda bottle
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Scissors
  • String

Step 1:

Cut around the body of the soda bottle until it is in two parts. Poke 2-4 holes in the bottom of the bottle for drainage and poke two holes in the sides to tie string to.

Step 2:

Fill the bottom half of the bottle with potting soil.

Step 3:

With your finger, dig a small hole in the soil. Place 2-5 seeds in the hole and then fill in the hole, overing the seeds with soil.

  • Helpful Tip: Planting multiple seeds in one spot, helps maximize the chance of sprouting.

Step 4:

Cut a long piece of string and tie each end to the holes that were cut in the side of the bottle.

Step 5: 

Hang up your new hanging basket where it will get plenty of sunlight. Make sure to read the instructions on the back of the seed packet to know how much sun and water the plant will need.

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Agriculture / Community Outreach

Good vs. Great: Students supporting feedONE

feedONE Collegiate Coordinator Tom Trask and his wife, Missi, have served as the University of Missouri Chi Alpha Directors for 13 years. They have spent half of that time advocating for feedONE, by empowering their students in acts of compassion, generosity and kindness.

When the group took on feedONE as their philanthropy partner nearly six years ago, they wanted to find something that reached beyond their own campus.


“I want them to understand good versus great,” Trask says. “This is not something that is good—it’s something that is great.”

In their first year as a feedONE partner, the University of Missouri Chi Alpha chapter raised a little more than $1,400. This past November, the students raised more than $40,000 during their annual feedONE month.

The students participated in creative and competitive fundraising as a way to raise support for children in the feedONE program. One small group set up a car bash, while other students held bake sales, threw special dinners, played in dodgeball tournaments and performed music.

In March, a group of students volunteered at the Convoy of Hope World Distribution Center, bagging hygiene kits and more than 5,000 meals.

“The difference it has made in the heart of our students — when they see a need, they step up,” Trask says.


Tom and Missi continue to instill a passion for feedONE and encourage a life of compassion for students on the University of Missouri campus. They are not only changing the lives of the children in feedONE, but also the lives of students and future leaders.

As they continue to make an impact at the University of Missouri, Tom and Missi look forward to other universities and schools partnering with feedONE.

“Just to watch the compassion grow, it’s contagious,” Trask says. “It’s contagious to inspire each other to greater things.”

feedONE and Convoy of Hope are proud to partner with students and leaders, like Tom and Missi, who actively demonstrate their compassion and kindness for children across the world. Find out how to get involved on your campus today at feedone.com/campus.

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Advocacy / Children's Feeding / Inspiration / Join the Convoy / Volunteering
Thirty-five Walgreens team members attended the event in Denver to administer flu shots. (PHOTO: Rhett Noonan) Thirty-five Walgreens team members attended the event in Denver to administer flu shots. (PHOTO: Rhett Noonan)

Partner Spotlight: Walgreens Offers Health and Hope in Denver

Among the tents that line La Alma — Lincoln Park in Denver on a cloudy Saturday morning, one area stands out in particular. Four red Walgreens tents differentiate themselves from the big white-top tents surrounding them — and the dozens of white coats inside are hard to miss.

Walgreens has partnered with Convoy of Hope at our Community Events dozens of times since 2014, but this is the biggest presence they’ve had to date. Thirty-five Walgreens team members are present and ready to give out hundreds of flu shots to guests of honor.

Walgreens team members administered flu shots to guests of honor at the event.

Walgreens team members administered flu shots to guests of honor at the event. (PHOTO: Rhett Noonan)

Local store manager, Shawn Horst, understands the importance of giving back. “Our store is so close,” he says. “We’ve been able to serve all types of people from the community — young families, elderly people and even a few homeless guests.”

Walgreens is well-known for their active involvement in the community, but loyal customers seem pleasantly surprised to see them at the event.

“I always shop at Walgreens,” says Rita Schuster, a guest at the event. “I came by today because I needed a flu shot. It’s great to see that Walgreens cares about the community.”

University students and full-time staff members are available to help guests with intake forms, administer flu shots and send guests on their way with a free tote bag.

“It’s yet another way Walgreens can help out our community,” says District Manager Stephanie Horton. “To be here and see what a difference we can make feels good.”

Hundreds of guests received flu shots at the event in Denver.

Hundreds of guests received flu shots at the event in Denver. (PHOTO: Rhett Noonan)

Since 2014, thousands of flu shots have been administered at no cost to the patient. Hope takes teamwork and we are proud to partner with our friends at Walgreens to promote health and offer hope to guests of honor in need.

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Community Outreach / Partner Spotlight